Targeting the Right Audience for Your Direct Mail Campaign

There’s some debate about the value direct mail can bring to a marketing strategy in our digital-driven world.  What’s interesting is data in recent years has shown a distinctive pendulum effect where the over-saturation of online marketing is actually bringing new life and increased conversion rates to more traditional marketing methods.  The important elements when considering a direct mail campaign is establishing the correct target audience for your company, the specific product that will resonate with this audience, and unique messaging for each campaign.  With the right approach, direct mail can be a core channel for bringing new lead generation to your organization.


Determine the Target Audience

Whether your company is B2B or B2C, it’s important to remember that the decision to utilize your product or services will still always be made by an individual.  So whether your preferred client is a stay at home mom over the age of 35 or a C-suite executive reorganizing their company’s processes, the important aspect is determining what that ideal person wants and what problems they have you can address.

Put considerable time and thought into establishing your buyer personas, and give yourself at least a few different potential buyers that make sense.  Data from your online channels or previous campaigns can be great to utilize here, and will give you direction for key demographics like age, income, occupation, gender, and so on.  Additionally by determining various buyer personas, you may even decide to segment the ads and messaging by their unique characteristics.  Run multiple smaller campaigns at a lesser quantity versus one less effective and more generic direct mailer at a higher quantity.


Choose the Right Product to Feature

If it’s your first venture into direct mail marketing, put your “star student” at the forefront of the campaign’s messaging.  Whatever your company offers that is a best seller, proprietary in some way, or new and innovative should be highlighted in a successful direct mail campaign.  Since print gives you one chance to get the aesthetics and messaging right, think about the times that this star product has had really great conversions or has been presented in a way that really drew and grabbed your existing customers.  The likelihood that what worked for your existing clients 2 years ago will probably work with a cold group of potential clients now is pretty good.  Ultimately, buyers want to see solutions to their problems, and services or products that make some aspect of their life easier or better.  A promotion can be great to draw attention, but don’t simply rely on “20% Off” or “BOGO” to get someone interested…rely on the existing quality of your product or service.  You’ve already taken the time developing your company to be the best landscaper in your area or offer the highest quality winter apparel–whatever the case may be, so now trust your product quality and simply bring it to the targeted audience that needs it.


Personalize Your Messaging

True personalization is no longer limited to email or digital campaigns.  The same data can be directly translated to direct mail: name, gender, past purchases/donations, and location can all be factors you utilize to make the message more likely to resonate with each target demo and individual.  The great news is these can be small, even tiny adjustments that can make the copy feel more authentic to whomever it’s speaking to–entire rewrites or redesigns are not necessarily required.  Most direct mail services will not charge you additional for this kind of personalization anymore either as the practice has become so commonplace.  Marry together inbound and outbound marketing by reaching every potential client through direct mail as though you were making a personal phone call.  This method will truly combine the best of both worlds from where marketing and sales have been versus where they are going.  Speak to a Utah Media Group consultant today and we can tell you more about what we have to offer in direct mail campaigns.