How To Throw A Great “Office” Party

Pick A Great Planning Committee

The key to throwing an awesome office party starts in the planning. You need a great committee of people who are creative, detailed oriented and love having fun. If you have a group of uncreative boring people planning the event, the party is going to be a snoozefest. Trust us, the planning committee can make or break the party.

You Must Have A Theme

What is a party without a theme? Simply announcing an office party isn’t going to cut it, you must have a theme attached. The theme will dictate the food, decorations, attire and everything in between. Clear themes will help your coworkers get excited! Announcing that the upcoming celebration will be a Halloween party will encourage attendees to come in costume, and they’ll be delighted by your spooky decorations. Picking a theme first will help you build the rest of your party!

Always Have Decorations

If you are staying in the office for the party, it’s very important you have decorations. You need to make the environment feel different than the normal everyday workflow. The decorations should set the mood for fun and follow the party theme. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on decorations either. You can find balloons, streamers and banners at a party store and still come in under-budget.

Food Is A Must

You can get almost anyone to attend a party if you announce there will be free food involved. Office employees are basically like starving college students. If you put “FOOD PROVIDED” on the party invite, expect the masses to show. If you make the office gather together for a party and forego snacks, expect them to riot. Without food, the party has basically turned into an office meeting with balloons.

Timing Is Everything

Make sure you plan the party at a good time! Don’t plan anything when there are project deadlines or when important meetings are being held. You want your employees to be stress free and able to attend without sacrificing work. Fridays are typically a great day to hold a party because it’s the perfect start to the weekend and if the party is held in the evening and runs late, employees don’t have to come into work the next day.

Host A Fun Activity

There needs to be a main activity at the party and that will all depend on the time of year and theme, but there are several options you can choose from. You can play group games, have a costume contest, host a white elephant/yankee swap or give out superlative awards at the end of the year for things like best dressed or most cheerful in the office. The options are endless! Whatever you decide, make sure the activity keeps the group involved and talking with one another.

Party Favors Are Great

Giving your employees a small party favor to take home is a simple act that can go a long way. Everyone loves free swag, and if you give out items with the company logo on it, you are marketing the company while treating your employees. I mean, who doesn’t love receiving gifts? While you don’t need to give out favors to have a successful party, it honestly can’t hurt.

Celebrate Obscure Holidays

While employees are expecting you to celebrate the usual holidays such as Halloween and Christmas, you can surprise them throughout the year with smaller obscure holidays. Why not celebrate Pretzel Day, Donut Day or even Groundhog Day? Any excuse to eat delicious food and take a break from the work grind for a few minutes.

Take Group Pictures

Documenting your office party may seem unimportant in the moment, but at the end of the year you will be thankful you have the memories. You can create a slideshow for the work Christmas party of all the events you’ve held throughout the year. It may be hard to get the group together for that perfect shot, but you will be happy you tried.