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Our agency is made up of dedicated experts in the fields of SEO & SEM, email marketing, web development, strategic content creation, and multimedia. We are a team with creativity and collaboration at our core. Let us consult with you and take your brand to the next level.



We focus on guiding your audience through a strategic variety of platforms. Our digital solutions team focuses on helping you be found, connect and staying engaged with your customers. With services such as website design, email marketing strategies and social media campaigns, our team helps build meaningful channels that serve the purpose of conversion.

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Client Testimonials

American United Federal Credit Union

Being a Small Business, our Credit Union has greatly benefitted from working with Utah Media Group over the years. “Marketing” has grown to cover so many essential aspects of running a successful business, but staffing those needs hasn’t quite caught up. When each person wears multiple hats and time and resources are thin, it’s been comforting to know that they have our back and can help fill holes where we need them most. Utah Media Group has been instrumental in helping us streamline one consistent message across all of the different media avenues that we weren’t able to touch before. From building our new website from scratch, to optimizing the efficiency of our SEO, to creating a search engine marketing presence, to expanding on our social media presence, they have really taken an “all hands on deck” approach with us. Regardless of whether I need ideas on expanding to a new area, help with widespread direct mail, or targeting the exact demographic I’m looking for, Utah Media Group has an expert on their team to guide us to success. I would highly recommend Utah Media Group to anyone who either doesn’t have it within their resources to accomplish something specific, or who knows they need a little guidance in several different areas of Marketing, and who wants to find great success! TRULY, I would shout my recommendation of you guys from the rooftops to anyone!

Best Friends - Utah

Best Friends – Utah has been placing online advertising with Utah Media Group for several years now, for both our large events and our monthly promotions. We’ve received very good response from our digital advertising, above average click-through rates and our reps at Utah Media Group have been great to work with. We plan on continuing our digital outreach with Utah Media Group in the years to come.

Hertz Car Sales

I’ve worked with Utah Media Group and specifically Ben Council for almost 10 years. Utah Media Group has provided us affordable custom targeted Digital Marketing solutions in three different Mountain West markets that have been productive across all platforms. Ben has been especially effective in listening and understanding our goals and budgets and then working collaboratively with us to provide flexible custom Campaigns and Strategies. I would recommend Ben Council and the Utah Media Group team for any Digital Marketing need big or small.”

-Mark Neumann, Sales Division Field Administrator Overland west Inc., DBA Hertz Car Sales

Scott Hale Plumbing, Heating & Air

The team at Utah Media Group has been phenomenal to work with. They are responsive and quick to help with any of our marketing needs. They have taken on much of our marketing for our company which has helped lessen the stress on our team. They have a wealth of information and are always willing to help.

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